Services Offered
To help each adult attain their highest level of ability, individualized programs focus on the following areas:

Day Training and Habilitation

Individualized goals to achieve greatest potential by including but not limited to community integration, sensory integration, and recreation/leisure.


Community Integration

Includes restaurant skills, public transportation, and appropriate use of community facilities such as the DLCCC and public library.


Sensory Integration

Integration of all senses through stimuli and a dedicated sensory room.



Training in basic life skills within the community.


Vocational Training-

Paid work opportunities through contract work and community enclaves. Training in job seeking and resume building, and interviewing.



Assisting individuals in the community maintain independent living. We provide community integration through outings, events, and to each client’s needs or interests. Assistance including but not limited to housekeeping, shopping, balancing budgets, paying bills, doctor visits, and accessing community resources.

Who is Eligible?
Our program serves individuals who have differing abilities. Contact your County Case Worker to begin your journey with the DAC. A pre-admission meeting will then be held to determine appropriateness of placement in the DAC.

• 18+

• CADI Waiver

• DD Waiver

• EW Waiver

• AC Waiver

• Day services

• Residential Services

"Embracing Differences, Empowering Everyone"