Services Offered


The DAC provides Residential Services to help individuals in the community maintain independent living. We assist with a variety of needs including but not limited to housekeeping, shopping, balancing budgets, paying bills, attending Doctor visits, accessing community resources, and integrating into the community with acceptable behaviors.  


The DAC works with our clients to become gainfully employed members of the community. We work through the different stages of becoming employed including investigating and exploring the likes and best fit for employment in the community. We assist with the job application and interview phases of employment and coach our clients on the job to perform to the best of their abilities.

Day Training and Habilitation

The DAC works with each client to achieve individualized goals. We provide community integration through regular outings to events in the community and places of each client’s interest. This includes but is not limited to restaurants and community facilities like the Detroit Lakes Community Center and library. We practice sensory integration using different stimuli. We provide social stimulation through the use of games and activities with staff and peers.